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Cross border organising and union growth: the Africa Regional Conference will share the innovations and successes of the ITF cross border organising project whilst looking at the lessons learnt.

Question 1

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To workers and unions that have been involved in the ITF East Africa northern corridor transport project in Kenya and Tanzania or the ITF West Africa corridor project in Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire; share your experience with us here. What impact has the ITF East Africa northern corridor transport project had on workers and your union?

Question 2

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To other unions and union members – how could unions in your sector, country, or company work together across borders? How will this help your union build strength and power?

Question 3

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Organising and strategic campaigning in Africa's aviation industry: What are the challenges and opportunities posed by Africa's complex aviation industry? What is the impact of low cost-carriers on the unions and public?

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To our union it has helped to educate our members and link them to the other regional countries. They have been issued with the regional cards which they are using to get help whenever they are outside their country and this has helped to increase our membership only that the employers are unt-union and are not ready to recognize the union.


Looking forward to hearing the sisters who trained in organising with me in 2009 and their great progress in the East Africa corridor project.

Organising - Joint Operation Of Unions in the same Sector

Good day Comrades, Brothers and Sisters. Let me first wish you the Almighty's blessings during your deliberations. Comrades, working together as Trade Unions is the only way to achieve our objectives, in as far as Organising is concerned.

If I may give you a simple and achievable example, Unions like mine (Botswana Railways Amalgamated Workers Union), together with our Comrades from Air Botswana Employees Union, as well as Botswana Transport and Allied Workers Union can have a strong working relationship which will mean putting pressure on our Government to recognise our role in the Economy and that we are stakeholders in ensuring that our region achieves the set standards of Globalization.

We have our Brothers and Sisters from our Neighbouring South Africa being SATAWU who are capable of assisting us in driving our Organising strategy. The reason being that we share everything, including the Infrastructure, whereby we transport Commodities in and out of our Country using their Sea Ports, Airports and even the Storage facilities for onward Trafficking (but not humans and drugs) to the International Markets.

Comrades, this was just a brief example of how we can cooperate as regional Trade Unions and drive the ITF's Organising Globally' Strategy.

I thank you.



its was quite shocking when i read through the ARC document and realized that Africa makes up just 5% membership of ITF. It is not possible for people to work together without unity, It is high time that unions in every sector come together and speak with one voice, work as a team to organize and unionize members in their sector. There are many workers out there yearning and crying to be unionized but scared because of management's victimization and threat to their jobs, let us fight this battle with the last drop of our blood to liberate our members, but we may not achieve much if we don't unite and speak with one voice, members are scattered all over the place, therefore let us work together to and bring them together. ITF should also assist all affiliates to achieve this aim through organizing more and more trainings for its members in every sector and educate and help unite them together so as to achieve the desired result. ALUTA CONTINUA!!!


Unions in the transport sector can help each other in recruiting members because they transport goods to each other's country and some companies have offices in all these countries. Unions can find strategies of not giving some services to those who are not members of the union in their country when they are in another country by delaying them or not loading and off-loading their cargo so that they can be encouraged to join the union in their country.

International membership card?

@Samuel Guthrie, I agree we need to think very carefully about how to support workers as they cross borders. In Eastern Europe unions have developed an international membership card, so truck drivers can contact the national union in whichever country they are. Do you think this model would work in Africa?

Challenges in Africa's complex Aviation Industry.

Trying to enumerate the challenges facing the aviation industry in Africa, is like trying in it's entirety to empirically empty the ocean into the sea with a cup.

These are mostly governmental intrigues and political infringements in nature.

They had better be left for another round of discourse but I would like to quickly delve into the private operations of airline business especially in Nigeria which shelves its workers from engaging or participating in trade unionism.

This issue has been on my mind over time and it's high time we do something about it.
The local airline workers should not be restrained by their employers from joining unions unless you are planning to enslave them to the extent they cannot even voice out their problem to any one for any help.

Save for Aero Contractors of Nigeria with a strong memebership, I 've had course to ask why Arik for instance is not in the union, whereas it's one of, if not the biggest airline in Nigeria today.

Take a look at the incident that took place in Aero Contractors the other day. If not for the intervention of the union, NUATE, most of the workers and thousands of their dependent relatives would have been in living hell right now.

Should this kind of thing occur in Arik, I think there would be much trouble.

And again, we are loosing fund and membership strength too. We should be able to bring every worker in the aviation sector into formidable umbrella unions so that we have more funds for the running of the union and none can be intimated by their employers in any form whatsoever.

Solidarity forever !!

Organise unorganised aviation workers

We can’t agree more! The aviation industry in Nigeria has been experiencing many serious difficulties, particularly since privatisation. About 10 private Nigerian airlines collapsed in the last few years. This is bad for aviation workers as well as for the national economy. As you mentioned, to tackle these difficulties aviation unions should expand their membership base. This means that we need to organise unorganised aviation workers. Of course, we are well aware of the fact that this is a difficult thing to do. But this is our job! And needless to say, the Civil Aviation Section of the ITF is always ready to support our affiliates’ organising campaigns.


Africa, especially Nigeria is faced with serious challenges in the aviation sector. For instance, Nigeria which is known as the giant of Africa is faced with diverse challenges in its aviation industry, first there is no National Carrier, also, some major airlines in the country has refused its workers to declare for and join any union. This has made workers live in fear but always hoping that sooner than expected, they will be liberated to join the unions of their choice and gain freedom from their slavery. Many have lost their jobs for attempting to exercise their right to belong to any unions of their choice. This has become a general fight, we therefore urge all other affiliates/unions to join their voice in solidarity to assist the aviation and save it from collapse. SOLIDARITY FOREVER!!!

re: organising in African aviation

@Nkechi Obinna, thanks for raising this critical issue, we must secure the right to organise in order to move forward. Which airline is the most anti-union in Nigeria? If workers are being targeted, we need to make sure that their comrades in the same airline around the world know about it so they can take action!