Schedule and Documents

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Here you can view the ITF Africa Regional Conference timetable including everything from section meetings to plenary discussions and workshops.

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Provisional Programme

25 September 2013
Official opening ceremony in the Africa Hall at the Africa union complex.
Opening remarks – Africa chair
Secretariat report (2009 conference outcomes, subsequent work by secretariat, elected leaders and affiliates under each section and departments – education, communication and the recent Africa section action plans).
26 September
Strenghtening the ITF in the changing environment and the vision of the general secretary (proposals on way forward) (appraisal on FRG outcomes, the major changes in ITF and key affiliation questions focusing on Africa’s contribution to the ITF family and benefits).
Background paper on major developments in transport sector of Africa
Industrial strategy thematic papers and discussions:

  • Hubs and corridors organising: road, rail and ports
  • Civil Aviation – regional alliances; competition from Gulf airlines
  • Building strength and activism among the maritime unions in Africa. Case studies: Dock workers union of Kenya, Seafarers union of Kenya, West Africa FOC project
  • Organising workers in informal employment in urban transport. Examples from affiliates; Panelists: ATGWU – Azizi Kiirya, FESYTRAT – Komlan Agbenou, Nigeria NURTW – Clement Wetkur and Satawu
  • Political strategy: engagement with sub regional bodies
    • Presentation by AU representative
    • Presentation by EC on trade union engagement with regional institutions
    • Presentation on World Bank’s IFC labour standards as a tool transport unions can use
27 September
Building active participatory ITF affiliates: ITF secretariat’s advice. (mapping and organising, collective bargaining, women, young workers, national and international solidarity via NCCs, young workers, women and union elders; equal opportunities).
Four year (2014 -2018) goals for the region and input to the congress theme document:

  • Strengthening our unions and the ITF
  • Industrial strategy and priority programmes
  • Political strategy
2014 congress preparations and Africa’s participation (visas to Bulgaria, motions, assistance etc).
Elections (EB members, sub – regional coordinators, women committee, Africa vice president, Africa chair and 3 vice chairs).
Closure - Ouaga, Nairobi, London.
Africa leaders’ briefing - (New Africa chair, regional team).

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